13 surprising reasons why you should keep a gratitude journal

Writing down things we are thankful in a gratitude journal is a straightforward exercise, but it has surprising, research-backed benefits for mental and emotional health. These benefits are listed below with hyperlinks to direct you to the associated research article so you can see for yourself!

  1. Increased Happiness
  2. Decreased Stress
  3. Decreased Loneliness
  4. Decreased Depression
  5. Increased Satisfaction with Life
  6. Increased Motivation
  7. Improved Mood
  8. Greater Sensitivity to Gratitude
  9. Increased Emotional Regulation
  10. Decreased Psychological Distress
  11. Improved Well-Being
  12. Decreased Burnout
  13. Improved Mental Health

Gratitude journals, supported by scientific research, offer a tangible and accessible way to improve emotional and mental health. So, consider integrating a gratitude journal into your daily routine. Get started right now with our online journal by clicking here or on the image below! This journal allows for 15 free entries so you can know if it is right for you.

Feature graphic for online journal

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